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50% Off Digital Inspections

A digital inspection is the first step in diagnosing any hidden problems with your vehicle. Issues with sensors, coils, and individual components that aren’t visible can often lead to major problems in the future but can be identified with a digital inspection. 

For a limited time, visit one of our two London locations for 50% off a digital inspection and get your vehicle back on the road safely.

Conditions apply. See store for details.

Napa Proformer Brake Pads

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    Why do I need a digital inspection?

    Oftentimes, a check engine light appearing is the first sign you need a digital inspection. This warning symbol can light up for something as simple as a loose fuel cap, but is usually indicative of a bigger issue with your vehicle.

    Some signs that your check engine light may be on are:
    Engine problems
    • Transmission problems

    Emissions problems
    • Faulty modules and sensors
    • Air & fuel delivery issues
    • Ignition problems

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