How do you Find a Mechanic you can trust? Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) will Change Everything

Fix your mechanic panic. For good. Yes, of course, you should ask your friends for the name of a trustworthy mechanic. And that will work, especially if they mention Hanford’s Tire & Service of London Ontario.

However, it is nice to assure even the smallest voice of apprehension in some of our heads. That assurance comes to us on the wireless wings of our favourite digital technology, the camera. Heck, we probably wholly believe our mechanic; however, the FACT they have the confidence to employ a digital camera to document their work is a game-changer FOR US.



What is Digital Vehicle Inspection?

Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) is changing everything.

With DVI, service shops can now send photos, videos or audio of exactly what the mechanic sees and hears under the hood of your vehicle. Shops can even attach an educational video to their text or email, supporting the future planning of your vehicle’s service.

While sitting in the service waiting room, the mechanic’s findings are shown to you on a tablet so you can see precisely, for instance, where your transmission fluid is leaking.

Need to leave the service shop? Photos, videos and easy communications can be sent to you allowing you the time to absorb what is being conveyed; and lets you approve or reject the suggested services and repairs right on your phone, laptop or tablet.



‘Clients love it, it’s a tool for education and planning’

– Jeremy Hanford of Hanford’s Tire & Service in London, Ontario

Digital inspection has already been in use many years, supporting government usages. Increasingly, forward-thinking automotive service shops are employing this digital camera software to help educate their clients, showing them in a collaborative way what they would otherwise never see.

The accompaniment of an information video that explains in depth what the mechanic is suggesting allows for people’s differences in learning, leading to better communication in the industry.



child holding a toy camera

Most of us barely know how to open the hoods of our vehicles, let alone want to look under them anymore.

Enter the CAMERA.

‘Under the hood’ is an uncharted place with obscure bits and pieces we pretty much know nothing about.

When I was young, I watched my dad working in our garage on our family’s cars. Boats really. Huge family cars that were popular in the 70s and 80s, Oldsmobiles and Buicks were his vehicles of choice.

And while I sat on a wooden stool in his space full of cans holding auto bolts, nuts and woodworking tools, he imparted bits of information about motors and brake pads. He showed me how to add oil. That little bit of familiarity made me feel confident enough to ask questions and understand somewhat the services being performed on my vehicle when as an adult, I took my car to a vehicle repair shop.


But even though I know where to add oil, boy, do I enjoy a digital photo showing me exactly where that tiny hole in my oil pan is, proving to me, in an Inspector Clouseau, ah-ha kind of way, that it has been the reason for the loss of almost all of my oil.



DVI helps you understand your vehicle better; as a bonus, it builds trust in your automotive service and repair shop.

Vehicles, with all of their little connected parts, are baffling machines for many of us.

DVI uses the inherent transparency of a digital camera, working in tandem with service shops and software to morph the automotive service industry into the spa scenario we want it to be. Ok, that is only partially said in jest.

The easier it is for us to understand how parts of our vehicle work, the better the future of automotive service will be.




Hanford’s Tire & Service’s mechanics have been winning clients with Digital Vehicle Inspection for almost two years.

We’re looking forward to introducing you too, to this engaging service. See our many other services here.

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