Your Fall Car Maintenance Mainstays

In Canada, fall is the best time of year to get your car ready for winter. Our unexpected winter road conditions are handled significantly better when your vehicle is at its best. Plus, you will feel more confident behind the wheel knowing you’ve readied your car this fall.

To prepare your car for fall, Hanford’s Tire & Service recommends that you check a number of vehicle components; tires, brakes, battery, lights, fluids, and wiper blades.

Your vehicle’s tires:
Preparing your vehicle’s tires for their most challenging season should be high on your winter-readying list.
Winter tires use rubber that is specifically designed for ice and snow with deep treads that dig through the snow and grip ice. In freezing temperatures, the rubber remains much softer and more flexible than summer or all-season tires.

All-season tires have shallow tread grooves making their winter performance less optimal than a proper winter tire.

Summer tires’ specific rubber is designed for efficiency and low road noise. However, the rubber stiffens in cold weather causing longer braking distance and has less road grip.

Follow the straightforward advice on Hanford’s TIRE CONNECT page to help you decide on a set of new tires.


Your vehicle’s brakes:
Maintained brakes can mean the difference between avoiding or being part of a collision in uncertain winter road conditions. If your brake warning light comes on to warn you something is amiss, whether it’s your parking brake, low brake fluid, or low brake pad friction, you should never ignore the light.

It would be best to have your brake pads checked every six months or before the winter season. Read more about brake repairs and maintenance HERE.


Your vehicle’s battery:
Your battery holds your vehicle’s electrical power system. Cold temperatures require additional electrical power to start the engine which puts extra strain on an older battery. Have your battery and alternator checked to ensure they’re in good condition for the upcoming winter. Battery connections and the percentage of power left in your battery are examined. Read more about our battery services HERE.


Your vehicle’s lights:
Make sure all of your vehicle’s lights are functioning before winter. Winter’s decreased amount of daylight and poor visibility that comes with winter storms means two things; other drivers do not as quickly see your vehicle, and your ability to see well is also reduced.

All of your lights are necessary and should be in working condition to keep you visible and safe. You should check all of your lights: headlights, high beams, turn signals or indicators, brake lights, interior cabin lights, license plate lights, hazard, and fog lights.


Your vehicle’s fluids:
Checking vehicle fluids means your vehicle stays healthy. Many vital vehicle functions are cooled and lubricated by internal fluids. Those fluids get used up by your vehicle’s systems so it is essential that they are refilled or replaced.

Your vehicle’s fluids include transmission fluid, power steering fluid, engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, and under-the-car assemblies fluids. A full vehicle Tune Up in the fall includes checking all your fluids.


Your vehicle’s wiper blades:
Start the fall season with a fresh set of wiper blades. Clear visibility while driving is crucial for your safety during any season.

However, winter slush can be more than frustrating when it splashes onto your windshield; if your wiper blades can’t clear it properly, you can’t see the road properly and that can be dangerous.  Ask us about blades that are made to handle the tougher winter precipitation.


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