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Free Battery Test

A strong battery is essential to the operation of your vehicle’s electronic system. This winter, don’t let a dead battery stop you from starting your vehicle. Schedule your FREE battery test today and be prepared for Mother Nature’s wrath.

Whether the battery is in the vehicle or in the store, we can test it for free. For more information, please contact us.

The battery testing process includes: 
• A visual inspection of the battery case and terminals.
• A battery load test.

Napa Proformer Brake Pads

Please note that this offer only applies to standard vehicles and does not apply to oversized vehicles. All appointments are subject to availability.

Book Your Free Battery Test

    When do I need a new car battery?

    Depending on, for example, how much you use the AC, how often the battery must fire because of numerous short trips, or its energy output to keep your radio and headlights on, a typical battery will last between 3 – 5 years

    Some signs you need a new car battery are:
    • Difficulty starting the vehicle

    • Dimming lights, weak power output, and other electrical failures.

    • A sulphuric smell, often similar to rotting eggs, caused by a corroding battery. 

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