What Happens if you Don’t Service Your Vehicle Regularly

When was the last time you had your car serviced by your mechanic shop? Hopefully, it wasn’t too long ago. Each vehicle has different recommendations from its manufacturer for when specific service appointments should occur. We should all follow them closely, but many of us do not.

When it comes time for a service, you may not know what to budget for, and if your car is running fine, you may not feel like you need to bring your car in at all. However, most of us don’t realize what the consequences are for holding out on service.

Increased Cost

Service appointments are specifically designed to prevent a more expensive problem from occurring in your car. They are like having breakdown insurance.

Servicing a car is an expense, but the potential costs of damage done to the engine, transmission and suspension are much more significant. If you think a scheduled service is expensive when it’s due, you have to put into perspective: how much more will it cost to get the car back on the road if it breaks down because a part has worn out or failed?

For example, let’s say you needed to get your vehicle’s fuel filter replaced soon, and you are quoted for $250 for parts and labour. This is a decent amount of money to come up with on the spot, especially if you’re working with a tight budget. Even after speaking to your mechanic, you might think it’s okay to put off.

But how much pressure is your fuel filter putting on other parts in the car? You’ll be using more fuel than usual, which adds to your weekly cost. Also, if you happen to fuel up with bad gasoline that doesn’t get entirely stopped by the fuel filter – how much will that cost if it stalls and damages your engine when you’re driving to work? Suddenly $250 for replacing the part is very appealing.

Getting scheduled servicing done may cost you a little bit at the time, but compared to the costs of getting your car back on the road after a breakdown, it is worth the spend. While this can’t guarantee that your vehicle won’t ever have a breakdown, it will stack the odds in your favour to have everything working at it’s best.​

Safety on the Road

In addition to the cost of repairing or replacing worn-out or damaged parts, you should also consider the risks to you and your passengers if your car breaks down somewhere remote or in a dangerous situation.

By getting everything serviced as scheduled, you’ll avoid a costly breakdown that could put you and anyone in your car at risk on the road. This especially holds for anything that will affect your driving ability on the road, such as your tires or brakes, which must be replaced as they wear out. They have the potential to create a significant safety hazard for you, your passengers and other drivers on the road.

Reduced Sale Value

A vehicle is an asset, and although it depreciates over time, you can help retain its value by looking after it properly. When you stay on top of maintenance and repairs, you increase the vehicle’s lifespan. 

Some day you may decide to sell your vehicle for any number of reasons. As you probably know, most potential car buyers check for a comprehensive service history to ensure the previous owner has taken good care of the vehicle. In fact, by law, car dealerships must disclose the recent service history for a vehicle to potential buyers.

If you regularly service your vehicle, you are far more likely to receive a higher price for your car at resale if you’ve got a logbook filled with service appointments. That’s because nobody wants to buy a used car that has a higher chance of needing expensive repairs later on. People want to see that the vehicle has been taken care of so they can consider it reliable.


Regular service appointments shouldn’t be optional for you. Increased costs, safety, and sale value are only a few of skipping vehicle services’ downsides. Some of your vehicle’s essential elements that will be checked in a service appointment are your brakes, tires, transmission, engine oil, alignment, cooling, timing belt/chain, exhaust and various electrical components. 

Lastly, it’s essential to work with a reputable business that you can trust to be honest with you. Please make sure you work with a shop that genuinely cares about its customers and has their best interests in mind.