Auto Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Your air conditioner is the part of the vehicle that you use every day in the warm weather, especially here in London Ontario where our summers can be hot and humid. Your vehicle’s air conditioner loses efficiency over time and this may result in your air conditioning performing poorly if it is not properly maintained. At Hanford’s Tire and Service, we understand exactly what your vehicle’s air conditioning needs in order to run at full efficiency. From minor maintenance service to air conditioning repair and replacement, we will have your car’s air conditioner running at full efficiency and keep you cooler in the hot weather! That’s why we’re London’s car AC repair shop!

Your air conditioner is comprised of the following components and we are fully equipped and trained to service each part:


  • The evaporator is what takes the heat away from the inside of your vehicle. The evaporator also contains refrigerant in the heat transfer process and can be corroded by harmful acids. We will ensure that corrosion is taken care of.

Orifice Tube

  • The orifice tube regulates refrigerant flow in your vehicle’s air conditioning system. It is also known as the expansion valve. It converts liquid refrigerant under high pressure into low pressure.


  • Your receiver should be changed approximately every 3-4 years. The receiver is a storage container for the refrigerant inside your car’s air conditioning system, and works as a filter to debris and harmful acids.


  • The condenser has a simple job; cool the refrigerator.


  • The compressor is likened to the heart of an air conditioning system. The primary function is to compress refrigerant gas and transfer it to the condenser.

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