Batteries & Electrical System

Your car’s battery is a vital component to making sure you get where you need to go. Your battery is literally the start of your journey, if your vehicle’s battery is not functioning properly, the rest of your vehicle will not function correctly either. Your vehicle’s battery and electrical system is comprised of the following three major components:


Your car’s battery is the electricity supply to every electrical system found in your automobile, from starting your vehicle to the door locks and power windows, your battery is the power behind it. If your battery is under high demand it will supplement power from the charging system.

Charging System

While your battery holds the power for you car, the charging system is what supplies it. The alternator provides power to the electrical system and recharges your battery when the car is running.

The other components to the charging system include the voltage regulator and various circuits. Each components require regular maintenance to run at maximum efficiency.

Starting System

The starting system is the most power heavy process involved in running a vehicle. The three main components to starting your car are: The ignition switch, the starter relay and the starter motor. Each of these components combine to transfer power into starting your car’s engine.

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