Oil Changes

Oil in a vehicle is like water to a human. Your vehicle needs it to survive and the best oil for it is when it is clean and fresh. To keep your vehicle in proper working condition regular oil changes are a must. At Hanford’s Tire and Service, we have done oil changes for over 30 years and are experts at getting the right oil for your vehicle and getting it changed at the right intervals.

Below are some of the different types of oils:


A standard oil change is recommend for most vehicles and will consist of five quarts of oil, and oil filter change, a fluid levels and air filter check.


Synthetic oil is engineered to increase your vehicle’s performance and to protect your engine. Usually a requirement in high performance and luxury vehicles. A synthetic oil change at Hanford’s Tire and Service includes five quarts of synthetic oil, an oil filter change and an inspection of your fluid filter levels and air filter. It also includes a top off of fluids and we will let you know if any other service is needed.

High Mileage

High mileage oil is typically best for vehicles with over 100,000 kilometers. High mileage oil is a blend of synthetic oil and standard oil. Vehicles tend to burn oil once they reach a certain age and high mileage oil can help reduce this. A high mileage oil change receives five quarts of oil, an oil filter change, a fluid levels and air filter check.

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