The radiator on your vehicle performs a vital task, it keeps your vehicle from overheating. No matter how cold it gets here in London Ontario if your radiator is not working correctly your engine will not be running to it’s full potential. Here is how it all works:

The Coolant Process

There is a liquid we typically call anti-freeze (ethylene glycol) that flows from your engine and through your radiator in order to cool it. The liquid cools down by passing inside tubes and small connectors. When the liquid is flowing through these tubes the heat is displaced into the surrounding air and a fan pushes the air away from the radiator. Once the coolant exits the tubes it has been cooled and can go back through the engine to repeat the process.

What can go wrong with my radiator?

A radiator can leak, and as a result your radiator will not be properly cooling your engine. This can cause unnecessary strain on your engine and may lead to other problems such as:

  • Blown head gasket

  • Blown top header

  • Complete radiator failure

  • Total engine seizure

At Hanford’s Tire and Service are trained and equipped to repair or maintain your radiator when needed. A radiator that is not working properly is likened to having the flu and a high fever, when you aren’t feeling well your whole body feels the consequences. Make sure your vehicle is as “healthy” as possible, contact us today to book an appointment at one of our locations!

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