Suspension, Shocks & Struts

Your vehicle’s suspension is responsible for your wheels moving independently and your car being able to steer in the direction you want. If these components are not working correctly it can result in quicker tire wear and poor handling of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s alignment also affects the condition of the suspension and steering components. Contact us today at Hanford’s Tire and Service to book your appointment for an inspection or repairs.

Suspension System

A loose suspension system can affect how your vehicle steers and handles. Your suspension system includes the following components:

Control Arms

A suspension link that allows your vehicle’s wheels to move up and down when there is a bump in the road.

Ball Joints

As it is in the name, a ball joint allows the wheels to pivot. There are both upper and lower ball joints on a vehicle.


Springs on modern day vehicles allow your vehicle to move up and down and ride over bumps in the road, there are two common place types of springs; coil springs and leaf springs.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are fairly self explanatory. It’s function is to dampen the effect of the vehicle riding over rough surfaces and allow for a more comfortable ride.


A strut performs a similar function to the shock absorber and provides and smoother ride for your vehicle.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of your vehicle’s suspension components, visit us at one of our locations or contact us today at Hanford’s Tire and Service in London Ontario.

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