Transmission Service

Your vehicle’s transmission is the most complicated mechanical component. An automatic transmission has a multitude of systems that work in harmony with each other in order to transfer the power your engine creates to drive the wheels. Your transmission needs thorough inspections to ensure it is working correctly. If you are unsure if your transmission is working correctly, or you think it is time to have it serviced bring it to us at Hanford’s Tire and Service, at one of our locations in London Ontario.

Maintaining your transmission will lengthen the life of your vehicle. A transmission can overheat and as a result not run as efficiently as originally designed. As long as your vehicle is running your transmission is working, for every single kilometer that is put on the vehicle. Through stop and go traffic, hazardous weather conditions, pulling heavy loads and racing the transmission is put to work. Failing to service and maintain your transmission can result in costly repairs down the road.

Take these steps to prevent transmission damage

  • Hold your brakes down when shifting from park

  • Stop your vehicle before shifting gears

  • Check the transmission fluid levels

  • Use only the recommended transmission fluid

  • Check for leaks under your car and if found contact us immediately

If you take proper care of your transmission it will increase the lifespan of your vehicle and save you money in the future. Contact us at Hanford’s Tire and Service to get your transmission inspected and serviced.

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